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2022 AGM + bonus webinar

Welcome to the Annual Meeting 25. May 18.00-20.00 on Zoom. We have sent the links to the above documents + the zoom link to all registered members. Contact us if you cannot find it. Also on the agenda is our plan to use English for events and documents going forward.  The AGM will be immediately […]


Fast-track to accreditation

Want to become globally recognised as coach+mentor? EMCC Global 5-day challenge 07-11 Feb 2022 Yes, this is me, but I want to know more This is an online workshop that meets each day for one hour, with enough personal guidance to help you write the documents you need for accreditation. If you’re certified already by […]

Coaching Competencies Revisited (delayed till December)

You’re invited to a unique briefing about coaching competencies! I need to record course modules for the new Green Mentoring™ courses and invite you to attend the recordings for free. Due to a global audience, slides and presentations will be in English. Q&A will be edited out. You will receive Zoom links the day before […]

Mentoring Series

The purpose of the series is to explain why mentoring has existed for thousands of years and how it is used today. The series will include case studies and workshops as well as hints for reading, watching and contacts. The emphasis will be mentoring programs, plus exploring how/where/which coaching methods fit in.    Timeline and […]

What is clinical supervision?

  As many of you know, I am a registered clinical psychologist with HCPC UK in addition to EIA Master Practitioner and Supervisor with EMCC Global. The below is what supervision in clinical settings looks like. The short-link below lead to a collection of reports, standards and reflection on what supervision is and how it […]


EMCC Global | Guidance on supervison

EMCC is launching Centres of Excellence. Here is some guidance about EMCC Global’s perspective on Supervision. For more information contact Paul O Olson VP EMCC Norway (EMCC Global Supervisor and Master Practitioner) or send to post@emccnorge.no. You can read and download the paper (6 pages) here:   What is supervision? Why is supervision important? What kinds […]


With this, EMCC Norway congratulate the founders of new EMCC Sweden with their launch yesterday, 6 September 2021. A three year gap in EMCC Nordic was closed. What a great day 😊 With 24 signed founding members, I’m confident that EMCC Sweden will soon be 30 members and more. This includes members resident in Sweden, […]


En kjapp hilsen til dere medlemmer og andre interesserte i coaching og mentoring!   Det nye styret i EMCC Norge rakk et første møte før sommeren og det neste er i nær fremtid der vi skal jobbe med vår strategiske plan. Vi har mye spennende på gang so stay tuned…!   Medlemmer Vi fortsetter selvsagt […]