EMCC Global | Guidance on supervison

EMCC is launching Centres of Excellence. Here is some guidance about EMCC Global’s perspective on Supervision.

For more information contact Paul O Olson VP EMCC Norway (EMCC Global Supervisor and Master Practitioner) or send to post@emccnorge.no. You can read and download the paper (6 pages) here:  

  • What is supervision?
  • Why is supervision important?
  • What kinds of supervision are there?
  • How much supervision do I need?
  • How may I find a supervisor?
  • How should I select a supervisor?
  • How may I train as a supervisor?
  • How may I gain accreditation as a supervisor?
  • What are the core competences of a supervisor?

If you’re accredited, remember that supervision is required on an ongoing basis and must be documented when you re-accredit. Read/download here.

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