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The new EMCC Sweden is live and with this the EMCC Nordic family (Iceland anybody?). During the next year we will be running some joint projects supported by EMCC Global VP Stephen Murphy. Contact person is Paul O Olson, VP EMCC Norway.

Nordic Newsletter (launching now)

To improve information flows, EMCC Norway has implemented a new generation mailing system. To not overwhelm you with irrelevant information, we can automatically segment for country, member/non-member, accredited/not-accredited and interest areas.

First out is a Nordic Newsletter. Just fill in the form on this page. If you’re not interested in Nordic, there is no need to subscribe. Unsubscribe anytime.

NB This is NOT a replacement for local countries’ mailing systems but specifically for EMCC Nordic projects. Please note that for 2021 this is a trial project.

If you are in the system already, you still should fill in the form such that we have up-to-date and complete information. If anything changes, you just use the form again with partial or full data. That’s it. 

Mentoring series (10 Nov 2021 – 15 March 2022) Members or invited

Starting with Scandinavia’s #1 authority, Kirsten Poulsen on 10 Nov 17.30 – 19.00. This will be followed by a series of 8 x 1 hour presentations and case studies recorded on Zoom, each followed by an interview and Q&A.

There will also be a 3 hours Grand Finale and workshop on 15 March 2022.

Information and enrolment link to be published shortly.

Paul has volunteered a free 3-days recording: Coaching Competencies update to explain the principles in Norwegian Standard for Coaching and how they compare with other competency frameworks including coaching psychology (now a full division of BPS British Psychological Society). EMCC consider coaching methods as equally valid for mentoring.

Information and enrolment: https://www.emccnorge.no/category/new-events/

News Syndication (planned for late 2021)

EMCC countries around the world use blogs and social media on different platforms. Not only are we curious about what happens in other Nordic countries and major economies, but EMCC Global struggles to know what’s going on around the world.

This project will use artificial intelligence as well as regular RSS to draw information from around the world. The IT solutions will be tried first in Paul’s Green Mentoring(tm) project.

Nordic 5 Days Challenge (January 2022) Members only

This will be in English with leadership from Jacob Sønderskov (EMCC DK) with support from the EMCC Global Accreditations team. No date committed yet, but we hope for early 2022.

Only for pre-qualified EMCC members (yes, you  may of course become a member and then participate 🙂 Applicants for Senior Practitioner and Master Practitioner will have priority.