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EMCC Global 5-day challenge 07-11 Feb 2022

Yes, this is me, but I want to know more

This is an online workshop that meets each day for one hour, with enough personal guidance to help you write the documents you need for accreditation. If you’re certified already by e.g. ICF or have attende one of the EMCC EQA accredited courses, you may even qualify for fast-track (less documentation).

Briefly stated you have enough (or almost enough) hours of practice as mentor and/or coach; have had supervision (we can help you catch up with you hours), and have learnt and used relevant models/methods. What you now need is help to write documentation. We are committed to a high quality standard and the EU framework for Life-long Learning (EQF-LL and the Bologna process) – so we cannot dispense with documentation. What we can do is help you document prove your level of expertise. If you’re not done within the 5 days, you’ll know exactly how to finish.

An EMCC accreditation is perfect for those of us who are both coaches, mentors and trusted advisors, depending on the needs of our clients.

This is a particularly exciting offer if you are at Senior Practitioner level with training from ICF, have executive coaching courses or credits from a university. Lots of coaches come from a background in psychotherapy or coaching psychology – if that’s you, membership and accreditation in EMCC will feel like coming home (they say).

Are you only 5 days away from a highly recognised designation? Click here and dig into it.

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