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Mentoring Series – last 4 countdown

Thursday 2 March 2023 17:00 – 18:30 Central European time

The Evolution of Mentoring – a snapshot in time (and Canada)

with Doug Lawrence, TalentC®

Through a common friend, I first met Doug in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) where he lives and has worked as officer at the HQ of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Before Regina, he worked and lived in far-away First Nations indigenous communities.

He now runs TalentC ® a mentoring services and training company that cooperates with Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean program and American Corporate Partners.

For more background: https://speakerscanada.com/keynote-speaker/doug-lawrence/

Doug will cover:

1) How it is to work with indigenous people: where mentoring has been used, the results and benefits, and how partnerships work;

2) Mentoring in Canada: where it was, where it is, and where it needs to be;

3) Trends in business: value/outcome of mentoring, customized mentoring programs, mentoring HR about mental health and more. Plus, he will talk about the need for competence frameworks, his own journey to certification, and how he uses different approaches to reach a many as possible (incl. podcasts).  

About the Mentoring Series

It was our ambition to have 10 great speakers in the Mentoring Series and Doug fits that ambition perfectly. After this we will have 3 more, ending with how to combine mentoring projects with tacit knowledge management beginning of September from the https://go-tkm.org conference. I’m on the expert group and will be joined by Fisher Yu from China and possibly others.

All webinars are available to EMCC members.