2022 AGM + bonus webinar

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Welcome to the Annual Meeting 25. May 18.00-20.00 on Zoom. We have sent the links to the above documents + the zoom link to all registered members. Contact us if you cannot find it.

Also on the agenda is our plan to use English for events and documents going forward. 

The AGM will be immediately followed by a webinar about the new Competencies Standard that has now been completed for public hearings. The hearing is not restricted to Norway, so we will translate to English and discuss broadly within EMCC Global.

Members of EMCC Norway are invited to comment by public hearing. More about this during the webinar. The plan is to have two further standards done by the Summer, namely Certification and Delivery. Paul will have more information about this. Expected to end by 20.00. Same link as the AGM.

If you plan to attend and get access to the recordings, please register here by choosing EventAGM2022.