Too late for founding member 🙂

EMCC Sweden started as planned on 6 September 2021 but you can still use the form for the new EMCC Nordic Newsletter. 

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The original text of this page

EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council is now restarting in Sweden after being paused for three years. (We write this in English to be transparent to EMCC Global and because nearly all countries have international members.)

EMCC Norway VP Paul O Olson is hosting the formal process on behalf of EMCC Global. For more about EMCC Norway go here: 

If you’re a member in EMCC Global?

We contacted everybody who was on the EMCC Global roll last year to give you a chance to join the inaugural committee. Those who are members there will be transferred automatically to Sweden, as per Council regulations.

You however still need to fill in the form to be included in inaugural proceedings.

How will we communicate?

EMCC takes GDPR seriously and have included a consent in the form. This allows us to send and follow up important information and contacts.

If you don’t want to become a member yet, but want to get information and news; please fill in the form and choose that option instead. If you later decide to join, you just fill in the form again.

What is included?

This pdf shows you a list of member benefits: Medlemskap EMCC Sweden

What is the formal timeline?

The phases of the formal process are as follows:

(1) We/EMCC Global wanted to be sure we had at least 20 initial members on a Founders list. The enrolment form will certify your membership formally. During this process, we contacted all who EMCC Global identified as resident in Sweden and had consented to such contact.

(2) Among members and potential founders, we also wanted strong candidates for the board. A group of 10 decided to participate actively in (re-)starting EMCC Sweden; from which a strong board was possible.

(3)  As an important procedural step, the group was convened for a Day 1 on 28 June. to form a mandate and start working on formalities for Day 2, the inaugural meeting of all registered founding members.

(4) Work has progressed smoothly. Swedish statutes, the list of benefits, and the board structure. Yes, there is a strong will to make EMCC Sweden a real success!

What’s next

(5) You will be called before 20 August with all relevant documents. Day 2 on 6 September will finalise the formalities and the Board can start its work. We also send the necessary papers to Skatteverket and get a new organisation number.

(6) We will then be setting up a meeting with the EMCC Global Executive Board (GEB); and you will get help if necessary, to set up infrastructure and processes; possibly even a Nordic project group.

So go ahead, fill in the form and reserve the date already:

6 September 18:00 – 20:00 on Zoom. 

 You will receive instructions to issue a proxy if you cannot participate in person.

One thing for sure, EMCC Sweden will get a very warm welcome from all over the world and definitely a very warm welcome from Denmark, Finland and Norway! We’ve been missing you!

Paul O Olson, VP EMCC Norge on behalf of EMCC Global