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As you all know, the Competencies standard was published earlier this year and now the time has come for the next standard. The webinar will be conducted in Norwegian as the standard has only a Norwegian version.

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Thursday 2 March 2023 17:00 – 18:30 Central European time

The Evolution of Mentoring – a snapshot in time (and Canada)

with Doug Lawrence, TalentC®

Through a common friend, I first met Doug in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) where he lives and has worked as officer at the HQ of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Before Regina, he worked and lived in far-away First Nations indigenous communities.

He now runs TalentC ® a mentoring services and training company that cooperates with Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean program and American Corporate Partners.

For more background:

Doug will cover:

1) How it is to work with indigenous people: where mentoring has been used, the results and benefits, and how partnerships work;

2) Mentoring in Canada: where it was, where it is, and where it needs to be;

3) Trends in business: value/outcome of mentoring, customized mentoring programs, mentoring HR about mental health and more. Plus, he will talk about the need for competence frameworks, his own journey to certification, and how he uses different approaches to reach a many as possible (incl. podcasts).  

About the Mentoring Series

It was our ambition to have 10 great speakers in the Mentoring Series and Doug fits that ambition perfectly. After this we will have 3 more, ending with how to combine mentoring projects with tacit knowledge management beginning of September from the conference. I’m on the expert group and will be joined by Fisher Yu from China and possibly others.

All webinars are available to EMCC members.

After more than 2 years of working groups, discussions, and committee meetings, one failed attempt, and almost running out of money…finally, the Competencies standard has been released for public consultation. Here is the official link (Norwegian website):

Deadline for the hearing is 10 September 2022, so join the EMCC consultation and get the documentation now!

We want your feedback!

The recordings and documents from 02 July (Saturday) are now available by registering with the link above. You will also hear about the positioning for all four standards (Competencies, Certification, Training and Delivery).

We will answer questions and take notes in the 29 July (Friday) and 26 August (Friday) workshops. To make the most of our time,  please submit questions (and brief comments, if any) to before the meeting. We welcome all input, but if you’re an EMCC member, please add «[EMCC member]» in the subject line. This way we can better sort comments for a Joint EMCC Norway & Global report.

You have 3 ways to input comments formally:

  1. Directly. Go to the official website where you can also comment (you must create an account);
  2. Via EMCC: Attend a workshop and use the chat (we’ll extract from the chat log);
  3. Via EMCC: Send comments to

Register your participation now!

As previously mentioned both here and on newsletter mail, Mariann will hold a webinar at 18.00 today! Zoom link has been sent to all members so check your inbox for more details.

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Welcome to the Annual Meeting 25. May 18.00-20.00 on Zoom. We have sent the links to the above documents + the zoom link to all registered members. Contact us if you cannot find it.

Also on the agenda is our plan to use English for events and documents going forward. 

The AGM will be immediately followed by a webinar about the new Competencies Standard that has now been completed for public hearings. The hearing is not restricted to Norway, so we will translate to English and discuss broadly within EMCC Global.

Members of EMCC Norway are invited to comment by public hearing. More about this during the webinar. The plan is to have two further standards done by the Summer, namely Certification and Delivery. Paul will have more information about this. Expected to end by 20.00. Same link as the AGM.

If you plan to attend and get access to the recordings, please register here by choosing EventAGM2022.

As we now become more and more people who receive an accreditation, it is important to take into account that it must be maintained, and this is done via Supervision. Fortunately, we have members who are accredited/approved as Supervisors (Mariann Marthinussen and Paul O Olson)..

We will have a webinar about this with Mariann Marthinussen on June 1, at 18.00-19.00 at Zoom. Save the date. Members will automatically be forwardet a zoom link for the event.

This is for all those who are interested in accreditation or who are already accredited.

We are pleased to share with you the updated EMCC Global Guidelines for Supervision.

  • What is supervision?
  • Why is supervision important?
  • What kinds of supervision are there?
  • How much supervision do I need?
  • How may I find a supervisor?
  • How should I select a supervisor?
  • How may I train as a supervisor?
  • How may I gain accreditation as a supervisor?
  • What are the core competences of a supervisor?

Want to become globally recognised as coach+mentor?

EMCC Global 5-day challenge 07-11 Feb 2022

Yes, this is me, but I want to know more

This is an online workshop that meets each day for one hour, with enough personal guidance to help you write the documents you need for accreditation. If you’re certified already by e.g. ICF or have attende one of the EMCC EQA accredited courses, you may even qualify for fast-track (less documentation).

Briefly stated you have enough (or almost enough) hours of practice as mentor and/or coach; have had supervision (we can help you catch up with you hours), and have learnt and used relevant models/methods. What you now need is help to write documentation. We are committed to a high quality standard and the EU framework for Life-long Learning (EQF-LL and the Bologna process) – so we cannot dispense with documentation. What we can do is help you document prove your level of expertise. If you’re not done within the 5 days, you’ll know exactly how to finish.

An EMCC accreditation is perfect for those of us who are both coaches, mentors and trusted advisors, depending on the needs of our clients.

This is a particularly exciting offer if you are at Senior Practitioner level with training from ICF, have executive coaching courses or credits from a university. Lots of coaches come from a background in psychotherapy or coaching psychology – if that’s you, membership and accreditation in EMCC will feel like coming home (they say).

Are you only 5 days away from a highly recognised designation? Click here and dig into it.

The purpose of the series is to explain why mentoring has existed for thousands of years and how it is used today. The series will include case studies and workshops as well as hints for reading, watching and contacts.

The emphasis will be mentoring programs, plus exploring how/where/which coaching methods fit in. 

Timeline and contents

From November ’21 to March ’22 we will have 10 sessions spaced two weeks apart, mostly in English because it is a Nordic project. 

  • 10 Nov Kirsten Poulsen (DK) | Better practice in mentoring and mentoring programs
  • 23 Nov Lisbeth Sæther Storli (N) |  Jobbreisen – how highly qualified immigrants got meaningful employment
  • 07 Dec Bob Garvey | Trends and practices across the world
  • 14 Dec Paul O Olson | Christmas Special: Green Mentoring as a way to work with green projects and companies
  • 18 Jan André Sunde & Thor-Erik Gulliksen | Mentoring students and adolescents

18 January 17:30 – 19:00 with André Sunde XXL and Thor-Erik Gulliksen President EMCC Norway

Mentoring and guiding young people through school into adulthood and employment

André Sunde and Thor-Erik Gulliksen will present two different programs for youth mentoring: one for students at university level and the other for apprentices in XXL. XXL is a chain of outlets selling sports and wilderness equipment.

André Sunde works as project leader for several trainee and apprentice programs in XXL Sport & Villmark. With 15 years’ experience in retail management and a background in Sociology from UiO, he has the last 5 years focused on coaching and mentoring young people that need guidance to achieve employment. From 2018-2021 he ran the FastTrack project together with the Labour and Welfare agency with an employment success of 88%. Since 2015 he has also worked with high school students to their certificate of apprenticeship. The main topics of learning in André’s field of mentoring and coaching is work ethics, social integration, and social skills. 

André is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility area in XXL, Chairman of the board for Etterstad VGS, board member of EMCC Norway and an EMCC accredited Practitioner.»

Thor-Erik Gulliksen is mentor, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, lecturer, trainer and unwavering optimist on behalf of himself and others.

He discovered mentoring and mentoring program back in 1999. He became interested and started reading more and more as at the same time planning the first mentor program. Over the years he has run and coordinated mentoring programs mainly within academia.

After 20 years of experience, including management, marketing, education, and training, close to 1,000 students have been through his programs. Thor-Erik has a large toolbox for inspiration and personal development.

 Thor-Erik was a co-founder of EMCC Norway and has been on the board for 7 years, of which 6 as President. He is certified EIA – Master Practitioner. He has written two books about mentoring (Norwegian), two on entrepreneurship (English) and contributed as an expert author in a book about mentoring tools (available in Portuguese, Spanish and English).

14 December Christmas Special with Dr Paul O Olson

Mentoring for green projects and companies

The world is in desperate need to accelerate a green revolution and we’re still under-estimating what’s needed to win the war against climate change and pollution. A hubs-and-spokes approach to mentoring can help; but what happens when neither mentor or mentee ‘have it in them’? Can we create ‘reciprocal mentoring’ to deal with climate action gaps? How can we accelerate mentoring programs to deal with the gaps?

Paul O Olson got his MBA in 1984 and has worked in international positions including management in General Electric for Nordic & Central Europe; Nordic partner and two years Global Practice Leader in International Executive Search Federation; and many years as business consultant and executive coach.

He got a certificate in company direction from Institute of Directors 2002, an MSc in leadership psychology from Stockholm University and became involved in coaching psychology in the UK 2004. Paul joined EMCC in 2011 and became founding president of EMCC Norway 2014-2017. After the MSc he continued with psychotherapy studies at Middlesex University in London, where he was awarded his doctorate with research into the psychology of mental illness, treatment and recovery from schizophrenia. Paul is member of BPS (CPsychol), accredited for psychotherapy (by HCPC UK and EuroPsy), clinical supervision and coaching psychology; and by EMCC Global as Master Practitioner and ESIA supervisor.  

On 7 December 17:30 – 19:00 we had Bob Garvey in our 3rd session:

Title: What’s going on with mentoring around the world?

In this session Bob will consider the similarities and difference between coach and mentoring in different settings. He will present examples of mentoring from different countries and consider how far these places are convergent, divergent or crossvergent with EMCC standards; celebrating the diversity of application found around the world and consider the implications for practice.

Bob Garvey is one of Europe’s leading academic practitioners of mentoring and coaching. He is an experienced mentor/coach working with a wide range of people in a variety of international contexts.

Formerly Head of Research at York Business School, he is in demand internationally as a keynote conference speaker.

Bob has a PhD from the University of Durham in the UK. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has published many books and papers on mentoring and coaching. He is a founding member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Honorary President of Coaching York (a social enterprise for coaching in the community). In 2014, the EMCC presented him with the Mentor award for services to mentoring and he received a lifetime achievement award for contributions to mentoring from Coaching at Work Magazine. He is also an active researcher.

Join online the 1st EMCC conference in Spain and take advantage of special prices for EMCC members!

14-15 October 2021, (4-7pm cest)

Dr Riza Kadilar, EMCC Global President will be formally opening the conference, with Professor David Clutterbuck, EMCC Global Special Ambassador, delivering the Keynote session (both of which will be translated to Spanish). 

Find out more!